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We innovate and research new approaches to cures for diseases that plague humanity...we are currently

a) researching anti-virus invivo cures for HIV virus the human immuno deficiency cause...we utilize a nanoparticles+biomolecular approach i) dock with the HIV virus' GP120 protein ii) block the HIV virus from attacking human immune system cells iii) to activate the virus rendering harmless effectively killing it iv) invivo approach..the method is applicable in live humans, has no side-effects, is inexpensive and is not a drug-cocktail. The initial research has been successfully carried out at UCSD university of California Skaggs School of Pharmacy http://www.ucsd.edu . Second phase PhaseII is being planned currently for development at ANL Argonne National Laboratories and University of Chicago, with recent awarded fellow research appointment at http://www.tau.ac.il TAU nanosciences.

b) researching gene therapy and intra-cellular nanocapsule delivery methods...we have developed a description of gene therapy, its delivery requires a delivery system..currently there are several methods we are focusing on nanoparticles and nanocapsules...this allows i) high precise control ii) imaging and functional delivery iii) external control via fields and currents

c) researching degrading damaging diseases such as Alzheimer's , with known plaquing of neural cells a linked cause, and with known anti-plaquing fragments of nicotine as reducing significantly risks and onset of Alzheimer's ...we recently proposed a nanomedicine approach similar to (a) above, where dellivery and reactivity is precisely controlled utilizing nanomaterials particles coated with protein fragments and biomolecular docks.


NIH national institutes of health grant proposal application 2012 pending "Nanomedicine Cures For HIV/AIDS"

Proposal for funding, AIDS research the Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation...pending funding request review.

research performed at UCSD http://ablab.ucsd.edu with Agathos Scientific

research Agathos Scientific with user access Argonne National Laboratories, pending

U.S. Patents and Trades Office "Nanomaterials For Anti-Pathogens" Nanomedicines